Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm baaaaack

It happens to every foodie at least once in his/her life: the rut.  There comes a time when an epicurean wonders, “Who cares?!” Does it really matter how “fresh” the ingredients are in this dish?  Why can’t I just eat some Reese’s Puffs and call it a day?

It’s hard being extremely passionate about food.  Other than the constant risk of diabetes, no ordinary dish is able to satisfy you.  A true epicurean will go around his or her kitchen tasting everything until they find something interesting, delicious, or new.  But at the same time, you’re hungry!  You don’t feel like marinating for hours, seasoning to perfection, or bringing out a beautiful caramel char, you just feel like eating.  Well, I went through this rut for most of the semester.

It was sad for me not to appreciate food as I used to, but after a delicious tour of the Boston area I can safely say that I am out of my rut and back into the game!  I’ve been watching Food Network, my favorite show is Masterchef again, and making food art.

Unfortunately, fashionista partner la Mode Mare will no longer be running this blog with me. But hey, more focus on food!  She won’t be dropping off of the blogging world luckily (check out her book review blog)!  So at least for now, I will be in full control of Baubles, Bangles, and Brie.

Keep munching!
~Foodie Fish~^

^ An example of my “food art” :P

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