Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Coral and Emerald

"I refuse to wear anything in my size or appropriate for my age." -Angie Jordan, 30 Rock

I could say something very similar about my makeup choices- I refuse to wear anything for my skin tone or appropriate for my line of work (office drone). Some may scold me for wearing bright colors when my skin tone is an odd mix of goldish-yellow and pink. Oh well.

Today, I chose to combine two of my favorite colors: emerald green and coral pink. For the eyeshadow, I used a classic smoky eye technique- highlight brow, surround eyes with smudgy color, line with eyeliner. Except instead of using classic gray or silver, I used a rich emerald green. I then contrasted it with coral blush and lipstick. I actually really liked the result! A bit on the flamboyant side, but as anyone who knows me will tell you, that's to be expected ;-). Besides, someone needs to brighten up the office!

~mode mare

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