Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm Back! With loot from Hong Kong

So I got sent to a conference in Hong Kong at the last minute last week, and what did I do in my spare time? SHOPPING. They say that Hong Kong is a shopper's paradise, and that's certainly true if you're into luxury goods. Most of the luxury stores were brimming with Chinese tourists, since the goods cost half in Hong Kong what they do in China (because of taxes). There was actually a long line outside the Chanel store. Can you imagine? People standing outside for an hour or more to spend $4000 on a handbag.

People in Hong Kong, like people in China, are very much into luxury brands, although it's more because of status than quality or style. I saw some EGREGIOUS examples of luxury abuse. People who walked around, for example, wearing a Burberry printed dress with an LV belt carrying a giant Gucci bag, all emblazoned with brand logos. They looked like neon advertisements.

I steered clear of the full-priced luxury stores and instead took the trek out to Citygate Outlets, where I promptly found the Burberry outlet. Originally, I planned to get a classic khaki trench, but after wandering and hemming and hawing for ages, I found that my heart was set on a white one instead. What can I say. I'm a rebel.

I also went to the Chanel cosmetics counter and stocked up on make-up. I find that Chanel eyeshadow really stands out from other brands, even other luxury brands. The powder just glistens more and blends better. Especially when used with the flesh-toned base, which adds some extra sparkle and makes the shadow last longer. In addition, I picked up some eyeliner, blush, and mascara. And just to complete the set, I got a lipstick from the Rouge Coco selection. I'm sure you've already heard amazing things about Rouge Coco- how smooth it is, how it actually stays on, how rich the colors are. It's all true. To the left, you can see the damage from my first day in Hong Kong.

I had already spent about a month's rent on the first day's purchases, so I was determined not to buy any more. However, my trip to the airport was so hellish and upsetting that I ended up engaging in a little retail therapy at one of the luxury perfume stores....

~mode mare

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