Friday, April 1, 2011

Not your mom's pink and gray!

Pink and gray is an excellent color combination for spring, especially in paler shades. It's classic, elegant, and ethereal. It can also get a little boring and stuffy, especially since it has become a staple among middle-aged office women, who pair their old-fashioned button-downs with frumpy excuses for pencil skirts.

Today was Casual Friday at my office, and I decided to take a younger, more streetwise approach to the color combo. Instead of the usual gray office pants, I opted for distressed gray jeans. Well, technically they're black jeans that have been washed about 100 times to many and otherwise tortured to make them look artsy. And in place of a yawn-inducing collared shirt, I wore a light pink lace shirt over a white tank top. And to cap it all off (har har har), I added a gray (well, black and white mottled together to look gray) fedora. Et voila!

~mode mare

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