Monday, April 4, 2011

Sundae Sunday

Foodie Fish

I must say that I am thankful for the fact that Google is sure to represent every possible historical event that occurred each day by making a new logo. I had no idea that today was the day the first ice cream sundae was made!!!!

Ice cream sundaes, like many great inventions, was created practically by mistake. Originally, in the late 1800’s the traditional frozen treat was an ice cream soda. The ice cream soda was sold at almost every drug store at the time due to its raging popularity. Sounds good to me—ice cream, soda, and syrup? Yum. It was in fact so good that religious figures began to say that ice cream sodas were too sinful of a treat to have on a Sunday, for it is a day reserved for god. Drug stores still wanted to make money on a Sunday, however, so they came up with the ice cream sundae to replace the ice cream soda. All they did was take out the soda. Eventually, toppings such as berries, nuts, and whipped cream were added. Ironically, nowadays more ice cream is consumed on a Sunday than any other day of the week!

I love ice cream. I am seriously an addict. Don’t talk to me about my health when it comes to ice cream. I hadn’t had an actually ice cream sundae in a while, so luckily Google gave me the perfect excuse/reminder to get myself one.

Today, for sundae day part one I went to Häagen-Dazs. In my opinion Häagen-Dazs is one of the best places to get ice cream. I created a delicious sundae with brownie a la mode ice cream, peanuts, whipped cream, and hot fudge. It was amazing! However, that was certainly not enough on an occasion such as today. So, later my mom and I split a classic banana split with my own twist. I chose my own flavors of cake & ice cream (yellow cake bits, frosting bits, and frosting flavored ice cream), cookies ‘n cream, and just for old times sake I got strawberry too. The place we got it was called Bistro Express and they didn’t even have a banana split on the menu. They just had a picture of a smiling cartoon banana split on the glass in front of their ice cream! Anyways, that was really good as well. Random people came up to us saying it looked really good.

Both my parents recognize my love of ice cream, so now I’m limited to ice cream once a week. Oh well. I’ll just have to make do with what I got.

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