Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Today's hairstyle was an accidental discovery. I was attempting a classic French Twist, except my super-straight and considerably long hair wasn't cooperating. No matter which way I twisted and twirled and otherwise entwined my hair, it would always end up crooked with pieces splaying out all over the place. FAIL.

Finally, in frustration, I pulled all my hair to one side above the ear, as if I was about to make a ridiculously high side pony like the one that girl in Napoleon Dynamite wore. I twisted it all the way down the back of my head diagonally and down to my neck, then stuck it in place with the usual 92372 pins, almost as a joke. I actually liked the result! From the front, it looks like a short side ponytail, and from the back it looks like a crooked French Twist. For a final touch, I curled the tips and, of course, dumped a gallon of hairspray on. It was surprisingly stable, remaining intact in spite of me smashing it up against the back of my office chair this afternoon as I effectively napped with my eyes open...

~mode mare

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  1. This is cute. I like low side ponytails so I might try this (says the girl who never does her hair ever and misses the days of the scrunchi).

    and LOL at your last sentence...