Thursday, March 31, 2011

Orange, Barrels, and Wings, Oh My!!!

So I skipped the gym this morning out of sheer laziness and thus had some extra time to play dress-up before work.

As you may know, orange is something of a trend right now- orange and navy nautical outfits, loud citrus-hued sundresses, orangey-red lipstick on the red carpet, etc. etc. etc. Of course this would be the big trend the year AFTER I've left my Orange Bubble. Well, today I decided to try something that hasn't been featured as much on the interwebs: medium orange lipstick. I actually tried it on as a joke, and ended up getting it because it actually turned out well! The color ended up melting into my skintone and looking more neutral than one may expect.

I also decided to try something that has been my eye-makeup nemesis for some time now: winged eyeliner. Don't get me wrong- I think it looks great on most people. It's just that whenever I try it, it ends up making me look evil. Well, more evil than usual. This time, however, I came up with a compromise that worked: instead of flicking the eyeliner directly up to create tilty cat eyes, I left it more horizontal. The result made me look a lot friendlier than previous attempts...

And finally, I ended up messing with my hair. What started out as a '90s Topsy Tail (remember those?) ended up a barrel roll of sorts. After making my low ponytail, I parted the hair behind the elastic (the part closer to my scalp), creating a hole, and instead of flipping the ponytail up and tucking it down into the hole, I flipped it under. And then I flipped it again. And again. And again, until the whole thing was all rolled up over the elastic. Then, as usual, I put about 10,000 pins in it and smothered it in hairspray. As a final springy touch, I added a flower hairpin.

Maybe not as productive as going to the gym, but far more fun hehe...

~mode mare

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