Friday, May 13, 2011

A Guest To Impress

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Whenever we have guests in our home, let’s face it. We all want to show off a bit. This is especially important to those of us who cook.

My uncle, aunt, and cousin are coming over this weekend before my cousin graduates class of 2011 from UPenn. I really want to cook for them and try to impress them, but at the same time I don’t want a million dishes or anything too fancy for patience.

A great dish to prepare for guests if your going for delicious and simple is seafood pasta. Our local Italian market D’Angelo’s sells the best fresh whole wheat pasta with incredible texture. We use it for the base of our dish. They sell fresh pasta everywhere nowadays, and if you don’t have local artisans like the cooks at D’Angelo’s, Whole Foods offers fresh pasta too!

We boil the pasta in a separate pot while preparing everything else. Watch the pasta carefully since fresh pasta cooks at lightning speed compared to dried pasta. For the rest of the dish, all you really need to do is cook some scallops, clams, or oysters in olive oil and au jus. Then, you add vegetables such as onions and green bell peppers. This is Italian cooking we are talking about, so season to taste with Italian spices such as oregano. Strain the pasta and toss it all together with the seafood and vegetables. Serve it with the perfectly aged parmesan cheese and you have a great home-cooked meal.

PS: I like to play around with different ingredients such as white wine vinegar to add flavor

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