Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fish Frenzy: Salsa Verde

Foodie Fish

I’m using the upcoming Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo as my excuse for all these blog posts on Mexican food. Although I will admit the talk of Mexican cuisine will probably never end (especially since a Mexican grill is replacing Ricky’s candy store in Princeton)! I forgot to mention that almost no Mexican dish works without the right salsa to go with it. Mexican food is all about the condiments, whether it is hot sauce or mole. My favorite thing on Mexican dishes is of course salsa! Here is a salsa Bill taught my to make that works with almost everything.

Simple Salsa Verde


· Tomatillos

· Garlic

· Lime juice

· Cilantro

· Sea salt

· Black pepper

· Roasted green peppers


First, pulverize the garlic in the food processor—but not all the way. Add the tomatillos and blend that together. Put all other ingredients into the food processor and season to taste. The secret to a great salsa verde is simply in the amount of garlic you put in. The tomatillos themselves have a mild taste yet creamy texture, so feel free to experiment with other spices and herbs!

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