Friday, May 6, 2011

A Wedding Cake To Envy

Foodie Fish

After I watched the Royal Wedding, all I could think about was “where’s the cake”? I am indeed food obsessed, and I immediately wanted to know all about it. There were actually two cakes for this wedding: the official 8-tiered fruitcake and a chocolate biscuit cake. The fruitcake was the flawless and showy wedding cake requested by Catherine. The chocolate biscuit cake was a request by Prince William, for the recipe has been within the royal family for years.

Is it not perfect? I want a cake this gorgeous to call mine some day! The lady who designed this cake, Fiona Cairn, is literally a genius. I’m not into baking deserts or super fancy decorations, but she did something incredible. Every little detail on this cake has a reason to be there. The flowers are all symbolic. Roses symbolize the bride/love, the shamrocks represents Ireland, and 15 other symbols! The designer/baker of this cake said that Catherine sent her the list of symbols for her to use.

This fruitcake was said to be delicious as well. It is composed of many different types of flavorful dried fruits and Fiona Cairn said she thinks the royal couple requested her to be the designer because they personally love her fruitcake!

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  1. Pretty! But I personally want my wedding cake to be a fruit cake...

    ~mode mare