Tuesday, May 3, 2011

You Are What You Eat!


Foodie Fish

Today my mom saw another doctor of sorts to get in good health again, and this time it was a nutritionist! I definitely believe healthy eating makes you powerful. My mom has decided to follow my good example of eating healthy (except for on occasions. I just got a zit from those delicious deep fried Oreo’s!) A lot of passionate foodies like myself put taste first and foremost –and don’t get me wrong, so do I. However, I believe the most delicious food should make you feel as fantastic as well as give you that giddy joy that great food can give. The best food should be able to nourish you and taste amazing too.

Have you heard of the Jamie Oliver food revolution? The man is a genius in my opinion that I completely agree with. He is a terrific cook who knows how to make good food that is good for you. He uses organic ingredients with plenty of nutrition. Jamie Oliver is working to show people that eating healthy and eating delicious foods can come hand in hand. He doesn’t say that people can’t eat burgers and fries anymore. He says that burger should be packed with grass-fed lean beef and potatoes deep-fried in peanut oil.

So what do you think about the food revolution? Is health just as important as taste?


  1. Definitely! I see no reason why food can't be both delicious and good for you. In fact, I think that food that is good for you and made from the good stuff actually tastes better.

    ~mode mare

  2. Glad to hear! Soon I'll be talking about a pizza place called Naked that will open on Princeton. It is all about the healthy fast food movement.