Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rant: Juice Fasts Are Stupid

It seems like every other day, I hear a new story about how Chinese food is contaminated or poisonous or unsanitary or otherwise hazardous. So I guess it was only a matter of time before it happened: FOOD POISONING. Now I've gotten sick from things I've eaten before (I'm looking at you, Frist sushi!), but not like this. As opposed to the usual one-day misery of nausea and weariness, I got (and still have) fever, cramps, and an inability eat anything. Seriously. I had a handful of chips yesterday evening and regretted for the rest of the night.

The only choice I had, therefore, was to consume juice in place of food, since I had to get my calories somewhere. I hated it. HATE HATE HATE. And then I read an article about people who do this kind of thing voluntarily under the pretext of "cleansing" or "detoxing" but really in order to become even more skeletal.

Let me tell you what it's been like (and is still like- my stomach still hates me so I'm stuck imbibing liquids for at least another day). Hunger pangs weren't really an issue, since... well, you can probably guess why. But not being able to eat solid food has made me cold, weak, and irritable. There's a hunger that comes from beyond the stomach- from your body begging you for nutrition- that makes you feel like you're shutting down. I couldn't concentrate at work, and the most menial movements like moving a mouse felt monumental (the only reason I'm typing instead of curling up and refusing to move like I did yesterday is because I'm fueled by rage).


And the most irritating part- all my coworkers, who grew up in the Chinese culture of disgustingly emaciated and weak women, gave me sympathetic looks when I told them what was going on, then smiled with encouragement and said "At least you'll lose weight!" *cannot express rage without long string of profanities*.

~mode mare


  1. Ugh! You better be better soon! Sorry about the food poisoning. I know how it feels to be extensively nauseated and unable to eat for days but amazingly I've only gotten it during times where I can afford to literally lay in bed all day for days. I couldn't imagine trying to work.

    Celebrities of course can afford to do this crap to themselves because they don't have that daily 9-5 going on. They're like "MY LIFE IS JUST LIKE YOURS!" with ten nannies, a cook, and a live-in trainer. o__O

  2. *puppy face*
    I hate to see, or hear, you like this! I really want to show you some of my cooking, my foodie finds! D'Angelo market knows me now. We even chatted online. Oh how I regret how my food blog tortures you! I know what it's like though, and I hate Chinese food.

    I do agree on the stupidity of juice vasts though, my poor sister!