Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day with Tableside Flambé

by Foodie Fish

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! Did you take your mom out somewhere nice to eat for Sunday brunch? I took my mom to a neighborhood gem in Princeton called La Mezzaluna. Although it is not as popular as some of the other Princeton restaurants, every passionate central-Jersey foodie has eaten there before. Their prices are right and their food is filled with love.

It was the perfect place to take my mom since the last time we had been there was a couple years ago when we tried the place for the first time, which also happened to be on Mother’s Day. My mom likes the modern and low-noise level ambiance as well as the friendly service. The highlight of an exceptional meal—including stuffed eggplant and hazelnut/pistachio encrusted lamb—was the flambé and house made gelato for dessert.

The flambé is done with seasonal fruit and tableside, so you can get the aroma of the food cooking and the cool sight of a pan lit on fire too! When our waiter sprinkled in the cinnamon the flames glowed in an amazing pattern. We also got to see the quality liquor being used in this dish. It is served on top of a house made gelato that you get to choose the flavor of. Today they had vanilla, chocolate, black cherry, expresso, and hazelnut. My mom and I simultaneously said “hazelnut.” The Italian ice cream was smooth, and surprisingly bursting with flavor. La Mezzaluna managed to make it so packed full of hazelnut taste, I would choose it over Nutella any day. The cold ice cream harmonized beautifully with the hot, sweet, syrupy flambé.

La Mezzaluna is an underated restaurant, but is dear to my heart as well as that of my mom’s. After our second dessert (which I’ll talk about later), we finished an excellent meal with the chef handing my mom a single red rose.

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