Monday, March 21, 2011

Best Cake

Foodie Fish

←Ever seen this show??? It’s one of my favorite shows. Professional chefs and other food experts brag about some of their personal favorite foods, and tell you exactly where they got it. You often times also get to go behind the scenes into the kitchen to see how it is made as well. I wanted to have a “best thing I ever ate” moment of my own to fawn over the carrot cake at Elements. In case you didn’t read my review of the swanky restaurant posted earlier on this blog, Elements is an excellent restaurant in Princeton. The best cake I’ve ever had was made by head chef and owner of Elements, Scott Anderson. This carrot cake is like no other cake you have ever tasted. The ginger sauce it is paired with gives the taste a little extra spice, and the texture was also extremely unique. This carrot cake was made with local whole wheat, providing the cake with a rich hearty texture and a rustic taste. The flavors of the many components in your typical carrot cake, such as walnuts and raisins, exploded in your mouth. There was homemade ice cream on the side as opposed to the usual cream cheese frosting. There was still that sweet and slightly cheesy flavor, but creamier. The cold ice cream complemented the warm temperature of fresh-out-of-the-oven carrot cake.

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