Friday, March 11, 2011

Weekly Sandwich

Foodie Fish

Hey all! Well I’m still in school here, so every day I bring lunch. Every week for lunch I make a different sandwich. Being someone who wants nothing but gourmet all day, I make me a delicious delectable sandwich recipe for each week based on my personal tastes. My weekly sandwiches are also geared towards the healthy side, since I got to eat something nutritious to keep me going for my track practice.

This week I made tuna salad. I usually hate tuna salad since I don’t eat much fish and hate mayonnaise. However, I have found this particular sandwich absolutely delicious:

· I use fresh multigrain bread from Wegman’s

· Light white sandwich tuna

· Shredded carrots

· Alfalfa sprouts

· Amazingly flavorful freshly grated parmesan (it gives the sandwich a LOT of flavor!)

· Cottage cheese which holds the sandwich together, instead of mayonnaise

· For extra flavor, add dill or marjoram

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