Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vegan?! No way...

Foodie Fish

For all you vegans out there, I would like to apologize off the bat. I am not at all ashamed in admitting that I am the polar opposite of a vegan. I drink milk more than water, my refrigerator is persistently stocked up on fine cheeses, and I love to eat lamb. However, today I would like to shed some light on something I never even pay attention to: Vegan Desserts. And yes, they do exist.

Vegan desserts are like a whole another world. I love making pies, and I hear that vegan desserts do not even taste good. Rumor has it that vegan desserts are weird or gooey, or food which resembles chewed up grass. Well even though vegan desserts involve many complications and using techniques most people do not know about, they can in fact be delicious. One of the winners of Cupcake Wars was even a vegan cook. I have never even dared to go near vegan dishes until last Sunday, March 6, 2011.

My Dad loves taking me out to eat. He takes great pleasure in watching me devour food because according to most people, I am what they call a “good eater.” Last Sunday he took me out to Small World Coffee in Princeton for breakfast. I had just ordered some coffee au lait and steal cut oats when I saw the delicious fresh baked goods sitting in the window. Many of them were enticing, but the treat that truly grasped my attention was the vegan moon pies. They looked chewy, moist, and were filled with a ton of cream. I could not resist them. Something in my brain was telling me that now was the time to try some vegan baking. It was AMAZING!!! For a cream-enthusiast like me, I was especially impressed with the cream filling of the moon pie for tasting so rich. It lacked in neither texture nor flavor. I must say that I apologize to all you vegan cooks out there. Now I know, a gifted vegan cook can create magnificent foods.

One last note: I would like to give Small World Coffee for completely rocking my world with their vegan moon pies.

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