Monday, March 7, 2011

Easy runway hair

Have you been keeping up with the fashion weeks? Well, one trend that's been noted over and over is purposely mussed, wavy hairstyles. The result is a laid-back look that's really easy to work with (in fact, the less you work with it, the better!). Here's my take on it:

What do you think? I know you can't really see the back because of the lighting, but basically I ended up with a crimped style. It's really easy- after you shower at night, braid your hair country girl style (one on each side). When you wake up, just untie them and shake them out! My hair is stubbornly straight (curling iron waves straighten out in about an hour), so I also sprayed the braids with hairspray before undoing them.

I also pinned my hair in the back- I just took an inch of hair above my left ear and pinned it slightly off-center (closer to my right ear), then took an inch of hair above my right ear, crossed it over the first lock, and pinned it slightly off-center (closer to my left ear). And that's all!

~mode mare

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