Thursday, March 17, 2011

Princeton Pi Day!

Foodie Fish

Pi Day in Princeton is of course much more significant than it is anywhere else. We had an entire week of good old geek freaking. One of the main events was the pie recipe competition. There was the proffesional round, where the best cooks of Princeton submit their pies to judges and see who has the best pie. There was also a home baker’s round so passionate amateur bakers can compete too.

An amazing new Italian market that I am absolutely in love with called D’Angelo’s won the professional round for an Italian Easter grain pie. The winner of the home baker’s round is a bit of an interesting story. Over the summer, my dad introduced me to his friend. His friend has a son who will not stop asking me out! Imagine the biggest nerd ever, and you got the guy I’m talking about. Unfortunately, we have A LOT in common. Most importantly, we are both huge gourmet foodies. He invited me to his sixteenth birthday celebration, and I was hesitant at first. However, he bribed me with a menu of sixteen dishes and I also get to taste his mom’s cooking. I did not know what his mom’s cooking was like. Later, I read the local paper to see who won the home baker’s round of the pie recipe baker…and it was the nerd’s mom!!! That sealed the deal. I would date him if he asked me out with a slice of his mother’s award winning chocolate chestnut pie in his hand.


  1. Watch out, Angelfish! He might just read this post, steal his mother's recipe, and ask you out with the bribe demanded...


  2. oooh, I'm afraid I may be tempted to accept the bribe